Hindi Typing Master

Learning Hindi Typing is very easy with help of this online Hindi typing master. Just begin with displayed keyboard and punch your fingers on the keyboard. The software will highlighted they key you to press and also highlighted the finger you have to use.


This animation based Hindi typing tutor will teach your fingers what to press and when to press.

It's human mind ability that it can learn with practice the same thing again and again. Using such a simple scientific method we have designed Hindi Typing Master in Krutidev Font or Devlys font for learn fast, accurate and free typing.

This Hindi Typing course is absolutely free and a step by step guide for you. Practice daily 1 hour only to be like a professional Hindi Typist. Also use our Hindi Typing Games for learn with fun.

We recommend that practice daily 1 or 2 hours only, it not only a finger game but also mind play vital role in learning Hindi Keyboard. So don't practice 4-8 hours occasionally but practice a little daily. By the time go your mind will remember all the keyboard keys and your finger will dance as you read the word on screen.

You don't need to look at the keyboard while typing, just keep your eye's on screen and try to type without seeing the keyboard. In 4-5 days you will learn basic typing and able to type in Hindi with low speed. By practicing more and more your speed will built. 

Typing Secrets:

1. Don't be in hurry for learning typing. Practice a little daily.

2. Keep your focus on accuracy only, don't mess yourself with WPM speed. Once you type with accuracy, speed will increase day by day.

3. Don't try to learn all exercise in One day. Try 1-2 exercise in a day.

4. Practice, practice and more practice.

The Hindi typing master teaches typing in Krutidev and Devlys font layout. Here you can practice Remington keyboard layout which have used for typing exam widely. Learning with above animated Typing tutor best option for beginners as they not need to see the keyboard, they can see which finger they have to use for type highlighted Hindi character.

The exercise crafted with scientific approach which makes learning Hindi typing in lesser time with high accuracy. In the beginning you can learn with keyboard display, after 4-5 days you can practice typing with hiding keyboard because your brain will make a mapping of Hindi keyboard layout.

1. Sitting Position on Computer

Sitting position plays a vital role in practicing keyboard. Right position make you comfortable and relaxing while your learning typing. Sitting in correct posture on computer will enable you type fast. Right posture is most important to prevent yourself from any muscles pain. The correct sitting position is showing in below image:

Posture for sitting on computer

2. Finger Placement

Right Placement of fingers on he keyboard is crucial. You would notice there are a raised bar on 'F' and 'J' keys on keyboard, you should place your both index finger on that and rest of fingers will place in neighboring keys. Both thumb key will place at the space bar. 

These raised bar will help you in recognizing that your finger placement is at right place.

3. Learning Hindi typing from scratch

After sitting in right posture and place your fingers at right position begin your Hindi typing training. Start with home rows and practice it many times. We suggest you to practice one lesson daily. Don't mess-up your self in scoring statics, scoring will improve with time. Your focus must be on accuracy.

4. Don't leave in Between

You should complete the training by practicing whole lessons and exercises, they include all alphabets, punctuation marks, numbers and shortcut keys also.

5. Practice more and more

This is the "Guru Mantra" of typing, More you practice, your typing skill improves accordingly. A famous proverb is "Practice Makes Men Perfect" is completely fits here while you mastering Hindi typing.

Practice a lesson daily and moves to next lesson on next day. After practice 3 lesson let's repeat from first lesson again.

Keep remember what time you have invested at initial stage of learning typing, will saves your lots of time in future.