Hindi Typing Test - Devlys/ Krutidev

Check your Hindi Typing Speed with this free on-line software. In this Hindi Typing Test you can check your speed in Word Per Minute and also shows your accuracy in percentage.

If you are preparing for Govt. exam typing test practice this test daily to improve your typing speed and accuracy. Try to type without seeing the keyboard so, you will achieve more speed.

Tip: For take a typing test in mobile phone connect your mobile to keyboard with a OTG cable.

Check your typing speed and accuracy in Hindi using Krutidev or Devlys 010 font. Select word passage like 200 words, 300 words or 500 words, and select timing like 1 minute, 5 minute, 10 minute or 15 minute and start. The Hindi Typing Test facilitates word highlighter feature that will help you to identify the word you are typing so you will not miss a single word during your Hindi Typing test.

If by mistake you miss a word will shown separately in result that you missed something. Although when you miss a word the software will automatically catch the next word if it same as you typed. The Hindi Typing test software also featured with double typed word mistake shown separately. These analyses will help you to identify and rectify your mistakes during typing.

The result will show in Gross WPM and Net WPM. Net WPM is your final speed. And the most important thing to consider is your accuracy. More accurate you type your speed will makes sense. The Hindi typing test online will help you in get success in exams, our best wishes will always with you. Practice daily for best results.

Hindi Typing Test in Krutidev or Devlys Font

There are two type of fonts are used for Hindi typing test in India.

1. First one is non-Unicode font like Krutidev 010 or Devlys 010. The layout of these fonts knows as Remington Keyboard Layout or typewriter layout. You can take a test and check your speed instantly with above Krutidev Typing Test. The test uses the standard formula for calculation of typing speed and accuracy.

Taking more typing test will improve your typing speed and accuracy. You can check Krutidev Hindi Keyboard layout and download Krutidev font also.

2. Second is Unicode based fonts like Mangal font with Remington Gail/CBI keyboard or Inscript Keyboard layout. Hindi typing test in Mangal font are also required in many typing exams.

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Hindi Typing Test Shortcut Keys

In Kruti dev keyboard you will not find certain Hindi characters. You can make them by using shortcut keys. These Hindi shortcut keys are made using character code with Alt key. You can check complete list of Krutidev shortcut keys are here.

Learning Hindi Typing

If you are looking for good typing speed with accuracy, you should take a Hindi typing course first. It's free and online, just complete this course to proficient in Hindi typing. The Hindi typing tutor is a self learning module will train you step by step from scratch.

With the Hindi typing master you will be able to type without seeing the keyboard and learn complete Hindi keyboard.