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It's very easy and simple to type in Hindi (N) using English to Hindi इंग्लिश तो हिंदी online Hindi Typing software in Unicode. This English to Hindi Typing Tool directly type in Hindi as you press combination of English letters and hit the space-bar. This online Hindi Typing is based on the phonetics and know as transliteration. Just type the text in English in the given box and press space, (इंग्लिश तो हिंदी) it will convert the text from Roman script to Hindi Devanagari script हिन्दी टायपिंग - इंग्लिश टू हिंदी. Click on a word to see more options. To switch between Hindi and English use Ctrl + g. Now copy the text and use it anywhere on emails, chat, Facebook, twitter or any website. You can also Hindi Type in Mobile. It's very simple tool for English to Hindi converter online.

हिन्दी टायपिंग - इंग्लिश टू हिंदी

अब हिन्दी टाइपिंग करना बहुत आसान है ऊपर दिये गए बॉक्स मे आप इंग्लिश मे टाइप करे  जैसे की आप मोबाइल मे मैसेज टाइप करते है ओर स्पेस दबाये अपने आप उसका हिन्दी टाइप हो जाएगा आप ये हिन्दी शब्दो को कही भी कॉपी करके पेस्ट कर सकते है जैसे की फेसबुक, ईमेल, ब्लॉग, एमएस वर्ड, कही भी उपयोग मे ले सकते है (हिन्दी से इंग्लिश मे चेंज करने के लिए ctrl +g दबाए) यदि कोई शब्द या कैरक्टर टाइप करने मे आपको समस्या आ रही है तो हमारे contact us पेज पर जाकर ईमेल करे !

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Hindi is the most common language of northern India, as well as an official language of the Government of India. Hindi is written in the "Devanagari script". Devanagari consists of 11 vowels and 33 consonants and is written from left to right. Devanagari is part of the Brahmic family of scripts. It is a descendant of the 3rd century BCE Brahmi script, which evolved into the Nagari script which in turn gave birth to Devanagari. Devanagari has been widely adopted across India and Nepal to write Sanskrit, Marathi, Hindi, Hindi dialects, Konkani, and Nepali.

Hindi Alphabets

Hindi consists of 45 alphabets on pronunciation basis in which 10 vowels and 35 are consonants. There are 52 alphabets on writing basis in which 13 vowels and 39 consonants.

52 Alphabets in Hindi on Writing Basis
13 vowels – अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ, ऋ, अं (Anusvara), अ: (Visarg) = 10 +3 = 13.
33 Consonants – क ख ग घ ड़, च छ ज झ ञ, ट ठ ड ढ ण, त थ द ध न, प फ ब भ म, य र ल व, श ष स ह.
4 Combined consonants – क्ष त्र ज्ञ श्र.
2 Binary consonant – ड़ ढ़.

Total = 13 (Vowels) + 33 (Consonants) + 4 (Combined consonants) + 2 (Binary consonant) = 52 Alphabets.

45 Alphabets in Hindi on Pronunciation basis 
10 Vowels – अ आ इ ई उ ऊ ए ऐ ओ औ
35 Consonants – क ख ग घ ड़, च छ ज झ ञ, ट ठ ड ढ ण, त थ द ध न, प फ ब भ म, य र ल व, श ष स ह, ड़ ढ़.
Total = 10 (Vowels) + 35 (Consonants) = 45 Alphabets.

Hindi Letters Variant

In old Hindi books you may see some Hindi letters typed in different shapes now not very popular some of these are in following image. Read more about Hindi alphabets.

Hindi Alphabet variant

Hindi Numerals

Hindi numerals consists 10 digits which are typed in following manner.

Hindi Numerals           ०  १  २  ३  ४  ५  ६  ७  ८  ९
Standard Numerals     0 1  2  3  4  5   6  7  8  9

Click Here for more about Hindi counting.

Hindi Punctuation

Punctuation marks are used to structure and organize our typing. Read more about Punctuation Marks in Hindi.

Frequently Asked Questions ?

1. Is it safe type important document here on website?

Yes, we respect your typing works privacy and don't save it on our server and don't use it in any manner.

2.  What is the technology behind English to Hindi typing ?

It's Hindi Transliteration, it is machine transliteration software as service enable you to type in Hindi. It's also known as Hindi transcription. In which you types in Roman English letters and get in Hindi Devanagari letters. For example you type in Roman/Latin like "Hindi meri matrabhasha hai" and get in Devanagari "हिंदी मेरी मातृभाषा है".

3. What are the alternatives for Type in Hindi ?

The best method for Hindi typing is what you have used above. Beside this there is also other options available for Hindi typing are:

A. Hindi Typing Tutor : Learn Hindi typing with typing tutor in either Remington (Krutidev) or Inscript keyboard layout. For this you have to practice these keyboard for some days. The advantage of using typing tutor is that you will get good speed of typing with them. You can also check your typing speed and accuracy with Hindi Typing Test and English Typing Test for Hindi and English language respectively. All these typing tutors and typing tests are free available for you without the restriction of registration and signup.

B. Hindi speech-to-text : Hindi voice typing is also a great option for Hindi typing. What you need is only a mic and you will get your speech will convert in text on the screen. Hindi speech recognition is also available 100% free for you.

C. Hindi Translation : Yes, this is also a option for tiny needs, if you are looking for few words to type in Hindi you can easily get with Hindi Translation, just type in English language and get translation in Hindi language. English to Hindi translation also available for Free without signup barrier.

4. Why Use Indiatyping.com ?

We made website for spread the knowledge we have, so other people like you also gets benefit with that. We the team behind indiatyping.com believes that "Education should be free for all" and the best way to achieve this goal is "online education".

Neither we collect users data nor we sale them. We provide all of our services 100% free and without registration/signup process. 

5. Country of Origin ?

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