Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor

World's First and only On-line In-script Hindi Typing Tutor. Now learn inscript typing on-line and free and from your own English keyboard, you don't need any special software or Inscript keyboard. Start from Exercise 1 and go threw likewise, practise 1 exercise daily and you will be able to type in Inscript with in 1 days without seeing the keyboard. These exercise are designed scientifically will teach you fast and accurate Hindi typing. Remember one thing there is no short cut of success, if you want to achieve good typing speed and practise is only solution.

Inscript Hindi Typing Practise Guide

For Type Half Character use 'halant sign' (d) as appear in keyboard showing above. For Example if you want to type कल्प , first you have to type क, then type ल, the type 'halant' (d) and then प, For make any half character firstly type the character in full then press 'Halant sign', so it will convert it in half charcter in Inscript keyboard.

Inscript Keyboard Character Combination Code

Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor with the character highlighted in green color on keyboard see on upper tab it will show you the character you have to type.  The character also highlighted in pink color just see on the screen and type don't look at keyboard. if you press right key then it will highlighted the next character to type and the key will highlighted in keyboard. If you press wrong key then it will show you a OOPs message on upper tab and the key you typed will shows in red color on keyboard. Remember one thing practise is only key to learn typing there is no shortcut. Practise all exercise and remember the key form which the character typed. Once you remember the key and corresponding character you can type fast without seeing the keyboard.  

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  • WPM Stands for Word Per Minute
  • CPM Stands for Character Per Minute
  • Accuracy is percentage of GWPM and NWPM
  • GWPM Stands for Gross Word Per Minute
  • NWPM Stands for Net Word Per Minute

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Placement of fingers on Keyboard :

The placement for fingers are same for Hindi and English typing. Always use same finger to type particular character and after press that key return your finger on previous stat.

Inscript hindi keyboard finger placemnt