Typing Test

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1 minutes
Courier New

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Typing Test - Check your typing speed in Word Per Minute (WPM). It will help you in increase your typing speed, you have to practise daily. Type without seeing the keyboard and let your fingers to find right key to press. Learning fast and accurate typing is not difficult, what you have to do is focus and practise. Fast typing is a skill that gives extra advantage in professional career and personal life too. When you are with your besties and doing something interesting on computer your dancing fingers makes a solid impression. The smartness of doing things in digital life comes with fast typing. Fast typing is giving extra edge at interviews.

Typing is not only the game of 26 alphabets but also the various symbols on keyboard have to be learnt. The typing test here facilitates to choose Font Style, Font Size and Set your desire time duration. Also have a feature to switch between restricted and unrestricted mode. You can also add your own text for test. Just upload .txt file, file size should be less than 10 KB. So let's start and show 10 finger magic on keyboard.

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