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Type in Hindi on above box, you can type here in Kruti dev Font layout which is also known as "Typewriter Layout or Remington Keyboard Layout". For Type in above you must have known typing in most popular Hindi Font Kruti Dev.

If you don't know Alt Code for Hindi Kruti dev font just Click on Help button to get them. You can also save your typed text in Notepad file or MS-Word document. Here below you can check Kruti dev Keyboard layout for your reference in Typing on above given box.

 Download Hindi Typing Keyboard Layout

Krutidev Keyboard

Kruti Dev is a popular font in Rajasthan. Typing Exam held by Govt for Hindi Tying Test is generally in Kruti Dev Font. So Learning typing in Hindi is useful for Govt Jobs.

How to type in Krutidev ?

Krutidev is non-Unicode font. You can type in krutidev using above Online Krutidev Text Editor, Here you can type directly in Hindi. You not need to install any font or keyboard layout. Just type from your Existing English keyboard.

How to type in Krutidev Offline ?

It's very simple just download and install Krutidev font in your system. Now open any text editor like MS word or Notepad and Select installed Krutidev font from font family drop down box and press any key on keyboard. What ever you type will be in Hindi Krutidev font.

How to learn Krutidev Typing ?

You can learn Krutidev typing with Free Hindi Typing Tutor. This touch typing tutor will teach you Krutidev typing step by step. It has many exercise for practice each and every character of Hindi language. You can learn Krutidev typing in 10 days only.