Remington Gail Hindi Typing Exam

For preparing of Remington Gail Hindi Typing Test Exam, you can take test on Exam like software. Just enter your name, select time, select passage and start.

Note - If highlighter is not working please use Mozilla Firefox browser.

Note : For Type in Remington Gail use Indic Input Tool 1 or 3. (Indic Input Tool 2 have problem of space key, you have to press space bar two times on Indic Input 2)

Free Download Remington Gail Typing Software (Indic Input 1, 2 and 3)

For use Remington Gail Hindi Typing Test First you have to select Hindi language option in your system, After selecting Hindi language option in Language bar than select Indic Input Tool - Then select Remington Gail Keyboard Layout. Now you can type to take exam.

How to take typing test in Remington (Gail or CBI) Hindi Keyboard (Mangal Font)

1. Enter your name, select time duration for test, select passage for test or paste your own text passage for test.

2. Click on start test button and you will see passage to be typed appear on screen and you have to type in given box.

3. As you start typing your countdown timer will start automatically and submit upon time elapsed, or alternatively you can also submit test incase you have typed whole exercise text before completion of time.

4. Here you have option to enable or disable backspace key.

5. After completion of exam test it will show you detailed report of your typing skill. The report includes:

A. Net WPM : Net Word Per Minute is the final typing speed you have achieved, it's derived by adjusting mistakes you have made during typing and time taken in test.

B. Accuracy : Accuracy is the ratio of correct words from gross words you have typed. Accuracy is measured in percentage.

C. Mistakes : The typing skill test report will also show mistakes you have made during typing by categories them. This complete analysis will help you in identify the type of errors you have making while typing so you can practice to mitigate them next time.

Remington Gail or CBI Keyboard Layout

Remington Gail or CBI keyboard is the Hindi keyboard layout shares same layout as Krutidev font with minor differences. These keyboard are developed to make harmony with exiting practice of Hindi typing in Krutidev font.

These keyboard supports Unicode based fonts which are different from non-Unicode krutidev font. These keyboard layout is allowed for typing in many government typing test examinations like : SSC, CPCT, FCI and many more central and state govt. exams.