Indian Regional Language Typing in Android Phone 

If you want to type in your language with English read this article and follow the steps to Enable your language typing threw English. This app is free and provided by Google. This app will help you type in Indian languages like Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Kannada or all other Indian language by transliteration method or Hinglish to Hindi

Google Indic Keyboard

In android mobile phone we can easily type in Hindi, Marathi, Punjabi, Gujarati, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Bengali, Odia, Kannada and Assamese (Total 11 Indian language supported by this software) with simply download one app from google play store and enable simple setting for Hindi (or your language) type in android phone.

This is very simple method of type in Hindi (as well as 10 other Indian languages also) in Android phone, this app will convert English in Hindi (or your language). Keep in mind English to Hindi typing is known as "Hinglish" in local speaking, it's technical term is "Transliteration".  Follow given steps to enable Hindi typing (or your language) in mobile phone:

Step 1: Download "Google Indic Keyboard" App from link given below

Click Here to Free Download Google Indic keyboard App APK 

Update: You have to downloadGoogle Indic Keyboard APKfrom the above link as (the app is removed from google play store). Goolge Indic keyboard is available for every version of Android, there may be little variation in setting but overall process is same as given below.

Step 2: After installation open the app by clicking on Open button.

Step 3: When you first time open the app you will see "ENABLE IN SETTINGS" button, click on that button as showing in below image:


hindi typing in android phone      hindi typing android mobile  

Step 4: Now you will see two or three options like in given below image, You have to enable "Google Indic Keyboard". It will populate a Attention pop-up, you have to tick OK.


google indic keyboard      hinglish typing in android

Step 5: Now click on "SELECT INPUT METHOD" and a pop-up will appear you have to choose "English & Indic Languages" as shown in below image.

hindi typing app android      setup hindi input in android


 Step 6: After that you have to click on "SET PERMISSIONS" button and skip for next step.

hindi quillpad for android      select keyboard theme

Step 7: Now Enable "English & Indic Languages" and after that "Hindi & Hinglish" options as shown in below given images.


type in hindi in phone       english hindi typing android

Step 8: Now You are Ready to type in Hinglish.


type in hindi in phone       english hindi typing android


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