Font Converter

With the help of Font converter tool you can convert Legacy font to Unicode font and vice versa as well. Hindi Font Converter Online Tools are very useful to convert your Krutidev, devlys, Chanakya or any Legacy hindi Font to Unicode Mangal Font, This Free Font converter tool is working very fast and convert your text in seconds to your desired font format.

Keep remember each font is not supported by many software's, in case you have to change font format so you not need to type the same text again and again, All website uses Mangal font for display Hindi content and News paper and magazines uses Chanakya font for Printing and publishing. Here is online converter tool click on below link to convert now

1. KrutiDev to Unicode (Mangal) Font Converter

2. Unicode to KrutiDev Font Converter

3. Chanakya to Unicode (Mangal) Font Converter

4. Unicode to Chanakya Font Converter

5. Any Hindi Font to Unicode Converter

 Krutidev Unicode converter11