SSC Typing Test

Staff Selection Commission (Government of India) is premier recruiter in India that provides jobs in Central Govt. Jobs. In various Jobs of LDC and Tax assistant its called for Typing Test in English and Hindi. Here are the rules and pattern for SSC Typing Test for 2017 Recruitment drive are below:

Skill Test: For the post of Tax Assistants (Central Excise & Income Tax):

Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) at 8,000 (eight thousand) Key Depression per hour on Computer. The “Data Entry Speed” Skill Test at 2000 (two thousand) key depressions for a duration of 15 (fifteen) minutes will be of qualifying nature.

Computer will be provided by the Commission at the Centre/venue notified for the purpose. Candidates shall not be allowed to bring their own Key-board. The Skill test will be conducted in the manner decided by the Commission for the purpose.

Only those candidates who secure at least the minimum qualifying marks in the written examination as may be fixed by the Commission at its discretion, will be eligible to appear in the SKILL TEST. The SKILL TEST will be held at the Commission’s Regional/Sub Regional Offices or at other Centers as may be decided by the Commission.

SSC practice and speed Typing Test

Hindi Inscript Layout for SSC Typing Test

Hindi Remington Layout for SSC Typing Test

SSC Data Entry Speed Test (DEST) Evaluation Schema 


Step-1: Candidate needs to enter his/her roll number in the text box appearing in the following figure:

 SSC Typing Test Software


Note: There may be variation in the screen depending on the skill test and examination.

Step-2: After entering the roll number Press Enter.

Step-2.1 :   Candidate’s profile appears on the screen, press confirm button if Candidate’s profile is correct or call Invigilator.

SSC Typing Test Instruction  

Step-3: Read the instructions for the type test. Now press the Start Trial Test button on the right side  to  begin  entry/typing  of Test  passage.  Once  the Start Trial  Test  button  is pressed trial test will be started immediately. Time remaining for the test will start showing on upper right corner of the screen.

 SSC Stenograhy Test

Note:  Duration of the trial passage will be 5 minutes for typing/Data Entry/ Word Processing.

Note: Duration of the Actual Test will be 10 minutes for typing and 15 minutes for data entry/ word processing. For transcription of stenography, the duration for transcription will vary depending on speed of dictation and language.

Step 4: The following white space area will be visible to you for typing after pressing the 'Trial Button'.

SSC DEO Typing Skill Test

At the bottom of the page, 'Start actual test' button will also appear. When trail test is over then, White space area will be disabled so that you cannot type further, and 'start Actual Test' button will be enabled so that you can start your actual test.

Step 5: When you press 'Start Actual Test' then actual test will commerce. The actual test screen  is shown below:

SSC LDC Typing Test



unicode mangal typing test software1

Note 1: If you finish typing/entering data/ transcribing before expiry of allocated time, do not repeat the passage and use the spare time for correction of errors in the script/data.

Note 2: You should press the ‘SAVE’ button only after the duration of the test or completion of the typing/entering/correction which ever is earlier. Once ‘SAVE’ button is pressed, no further changes can be made in the script/data/transcript

Note-3: Unless ‘SAVE’ button is pressed, the text/data entered by you will not be saved. Therefore, ensure that ‘SAVE’ button is pressed at the end of the test

Note 4: The Commission will not be responsible for loss of data due to failure to press the ‘SAVE’ Button 

Step-6: Initially the Print button is set to disable. Once the save button is pressed or the test is finished Print button will get enable. Print button should be used to get the print-outs of desired File. 

SSC Typing Software

Note : The Commission may dispense with print-outs of text generated or transcripts.  

Step-7:  There  may  be  a  situation  when  printer  will  not  be  able  to  print  the  desired document due to some reasons. In such situation, candidates may seek help from the Invigilator. He will click the Browse button to open the desired typed file. Whenever the Invigilator click the Browse button a dialog box will appear and ask for the Invigilator’s username and password. If the password and username of invigilator are verified then only Invigilator can browse the typed file. Now the print-out of typed file can be taken easily.

Typing Test SSC 2013


Note: The Commission may dispense with print-outs of text/data/transcript.