Typing Tutor

At www.indiatyping.com we provide free online typing tutor to learn typing. Learning typing is not a complex job as it seen. You can learn fast and accurate typing in just 10 days with 1 hour daily practice only. Only one formula apply for learning typing is practice, more practice and so on... The speed and accuracy of typing will improve with the time and practice.

The service of typing tutor software on this website is free of cost. Here you can learn with Free online typing tutor and also you can download free offline typing tutor also from link given below. The Hindi typing tutor has designed with Devlys font and Kruti dev font. A Typing Tutor is a typing education program.


This is a touch typing course you have to practice one hour daily (10 days) for learn typing. Touch typing means type without seeing the keyboard. Be careful in choosing the right typing tutor you required as in different states and examination different types of typing font and keyboards are used. 

A. Online Hindi Typing Tutors

1. Hindi Typing Tutor (Kruti Dev/ Devlys Font)

2. Advance Hindi Typing Master (Krutidev / Devlys Font)

3. Hindi Typing Tutor (Mangal Font/Remington Keyboard layout) 

4. Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor (Unicode Mangal font)

B. Online English Typing Tutors

5. English Typing Tutor

6. Advance English Typing Master

C. Type in Hindi Without Learning Typing with Following tools

7. Hindi Typing using English (English to Hindi Converter)

8. Hindi Typing using Voice (Speech to Text Converter)

9. English to Hindi Typing in Android Mobile Phone

What are the typing tutor ?

Typing tutor is a software program that help in learning fast and accurate typing with keyboard. In other words Typing tutor helps you in practice keyboard step by step. After practicing with typing tutor you are able to type without seeing the keyboard that will increase you typing speed greatly and save your lots of time. 

What is touch typing course ?

Touch typing course refers to learn typing without seeing keyboard in which all 10 fingers have there initial position and after type the required word finger comes back on there initial position again.

Typing course includes alphabets, numbers, symbols and punctuation marks of the language.Touch typing course designed in scientific manner that teach you typing in lesser time and with most efficient way.

How typing tutor teach typing ?

As you learn any language by the learning it's alphabets first same like typing tutors have a step by step procedure, they start with single letter practice. Once you able to type single letters without seeing the keyboard, short words appear for practice and after that whole passage come to complete your typing course.

Typing tutor train your fingers to move without seeing the keyboard. Our typing typing tutor made for QWERTY keyboard layout. You can learn typing in English language as well as Hindi language.

How much time takes in learning typing ?

It's vary upon person to person in a moderate case we can say at least 10 hours only when you practice 1 hour daily. As like you can't eat 10 days meal in one day same apply in learning typing.

You have to practice little on daily basis. There is no shortcut, no trick, practice is the only key to learn fast and accurate typing.

Why learning typing is important ?

Learning typing is important in the age of computers and internet world. Keyboard is a primary input device for computers, to be able to do your daily work in less time practicing typing is very crucial for a professional as well as casual computer user.

Now and in future all of the official works done on computer machines that need data entry, so get a job you need good typing speed as well as accuracy. Typing skill is primary demand in any type of job in todays era.

How to measure typing skill ?

After completing typing course you can test your typing speed with Typing Test software. The typing test software will measure your typing skill in terms of typing speed and accuracy level. After achieving a good score in typing test you can get a free typing certificate also that proves your typing skill proficiency.