Typing Tutor

At www.indiatyping.com we provide free online typing tutor to learn typing. Learning typing is not a complex job as it seen. You can learn fast and accurate typing just 10 days with 1 hour daily practise only. Only one formula apply for learning typing is practise, more practise and so on... The speed and accuracy of typing will improve with the time and practise. The service of typing tutor software on this website is free of cost. Here you can learn with Free online typing tutor and also ou can download free offline typing tutor also from link given below. The hindi typing tutor has designed with Devlys font and Kruti dev font. A Typing Tutor is a typing education program.


This is a touch typing course you have to practise one hour daily (10 days) for learn typing. Touch typing means type without seeing the keyboard. Be careful in choosing the right typing tutor you required as in different states and examination different types of typing font and keyboards are used. 

A. Online Hindi Typing Tutors

1. Hindi Typing Tutor (Kruti Dev/ Devlys Font)

2. Advance Hindi Typing Master (Krutidev / Devlys Font)

3. Hindi Typing Tutor (Mangal Font/Remington Keyboard layout) 

4. Inscript Hindi Typing Tutor (unicode mangal font)

B. Online English Typing Tutors

5. English Typing Tutor

6. Advance English Typing Master

C. Type in Hindi Without Learning Typing with Following tools

7. Hindi Typing using English (English to Hindi Converter)

8. Hindi Typing using Voice (Speech to Text Converter)

9. English to Hindi Typing in Android Mobile Phone