Typing Test Instructions 

Instruction for Hindi typing using Remington Keyboard and the layout of the Hindi Remington Keyboard are given in the below pdf file. To learn Hindi typing with accuracy and fast speed, download the file read the instruction and follow the instruction. Please remember the way of error free and fast typing is only practise, more and more practise.

General Instruction for Hindi Typing Keyboard Layout for Exam SSC Data Entry /LDC exams  

The SSC typing test examwill be based on Hindi Mangal font. for SSC typing test Candidate can choose one from follwoing two keyboard for typing.

1. Inscript Keyboard Layout

2. Remington Keyboard Layout

Typing Test Practise


SSC evaluation of type test / dest scripts (english / hindi)

JVVNL/ AVVNL/ Railway Typing Test, MP, UP, Bihar Online - Read official notification for full and accurate details.


A. Full Mistakes : The following errors are treated as full mistakes :--

-- For every omission of word/ figure.
-- For every substitution of a wrong word /figure.
-- For every addition of a word / figure not found in the passage.

B. Half Mistakes : The following errors are treated as half mistakes :--

(i) Spacing Errors : Where no space is provided between two words, e.g. ‘Ihope’ or undesired space is provided between the words or letters of a word e.g. hope I have, ‘I hxxave’.

(ii) For every spelling error committed by way of repetition, or addition or transposition or omission or substitution of a letter/letters, e.g. the word ‘spelling’ typed as ‘seeplings’ etc.

(iii) Wrong Capitalisation : Wrong use of capital letter for small letter and vice-versa. (This does not apply to Hindi typewriting scripts).

NOTE-1 : Any corrections made by pen or pencil are ignored and no credit is given to such corrections.

Hindi Typing using Remington Keyboard Instruction