Typing Game - Typing Monster

Typing monster is a touch typing learning game. This typing game will explore a another side of learning typing in terms of a sudden appearance of an unexpected word.

"Typing Monster" is an online typing game where players must type words quickly and accurately to defeat a monster. The game consists of different levels, each with a different monster to defeat and a set of words to type.

The objective of the game is to type the words as quickly and accurately as possible to inflict damage on the monster. The monster attacks back, so the player must type quickly to avoid losing health points. As the game progresses, the words become longer and more complex, increasing the difficulty level.

"Typing Monster" is a fun and engaging way to practice typing skills while enjoying a game.

With a typing games we will be to learn how to handle them quickly and accurately. It will also burst your boredom in Keyboard practicing. This game has many level to cross with each next level will be hard from previous one. These typing games designed for improve typing speed with fun.  

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