Typing Games

Learn with Fun, You must try these typing games they will increase you typing speed. In typing games character and words appear randomly. Typing game to improve the typing speed. Play and learn concept. By using the game learning the typing is fun. Online games for learning fast and accurate typing. Here we have developed some interesting and funny Hindi typing games too for you to learn with fun concept. Play these games will not bored you and your skill to type fast will also improve with these games. Now games are available in Hindi language too. Krutidev and Unicode Mangal fonts game are also developed. 

1. Typing Games - English

For make your typing skill sharp there are some games by playing them you will be able to learn fast typing with entertainment also. These will keep you busy in practicing typing and your skills get boost to achieve success in typing test. These typing games designed with many difficulty levels. These typing games will improve your ability to type letters and words appear suddenly. let's play and see how many levels you can creak.  

A. Typing Crackers

B. Bubble Typing Game - English

C. Cup Staking 

D. Typing Monster

E. The Typing of the Ghosts

F. Typing Speed Test

G. Word Crush

2. Hindi Typing Games - Krutidev / Type writer Layout

Now games in Hindi typing also available to promote learn with fun concept for Hindi lovers. This Hindi typing games support most popular Krutidev font and Devlys font keyboard layout. With these interest games you can boost your typing speed as well as accuracy. Typing games will met your boredom in learning typing and you will get trained with fun. Hindi character and words appear randomly edges your typing skill for creak typing tests in real life. So what for you are waiting for let's start play.

A. Bubble Typing Game - Hindi

B. Word Crush Typing Game - Hindi

3. Hindi Typing Games - Unicode / Mangal Font

There are lot's of users practicing Hindi typing with Remington Gail or CBI layout can also boost typing skill with games. Here a interesting Hindi typing game for Unicode based font and keyboard made for learn with fun aim in mind.

A. Word Crush Typing Game - Unicode