Enable Hindi Typing

Once you have installed and configured Hindi Typing Software You can type in hindi using following steps:

Step 6: Now Click on EN button at taskbar at the bottom of your desktop. It is the language Bar. Select Hindi India Option in Language Bar. You can also use shortcut key Alt+Shift to switch between the languages.

Language Bar is Not Showing ? Read here how to enable Language Bar in Windows XP, 7, 8.

Ime Hindi Remington


Step 7: After Selecting Hindi you will find a little window appear like this on the corner at date and time display.

Enable Hindi Typing


Step 8: Now click on keyboard option you will find many keyboard options, Select one of your choice and Type in Hindi. You can also see the keyboard layout in keyboard option.

Hindi keyboard ime remington

Step 9: Select any Hindi keyboard you want to type in hindi and Open MS word and start typing. To see the keyboard layoput on your screen click on Show Keyboard Option in Keybords list.

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