Typing Test

This Online Typing Test is a typing speed checker. The Free typing test use formula that are use in typing tests examination. The free Typing test will provide you complete analysis of your typing speed wpm in terms of word per minute, accuracy in percentage, backspace, and errors made during typing. Typing test online will help you to get success in Govt. typing tests exam. For improve your typing speed practice daily. It will highlight your mistake in typing so you could able to detect which character are problematic for you and with practice you can improve your over all typing speed. So let start typing test to calculate your typing wpm test and also get Free Typing Score Certificate.

Typing Test Instructions

  1. Typing test will start after clicking on start button.
  2. Select time you want to take type test.
  3. Type exactly what is in question text.
  4. If you get more than 40 WPM and 80% than will consider as passed in typing test.
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