List of Fake Colleges

Check Here Complete list of fake Colleges in India. These colleges degree and education is not valid as per AICTE Norms. So be-aware from such colleges and institutions. Don't west your money in such colleges they are cheating and looting your money. There no validity of there Degree and mark-sheets.

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What is Colleges ?

In India after 10+2 you can take admission in colleges. Every college is to be affiliated with a University. A College can be afflicted to 1 or more universities for different – different courses. The degree after completion of course will be provided by the university not by the college.  

In Technical Courses AICTE is provides afflation for colleges.  So before taking admission in any Technical course check first whether it is approved by AICTE or NOT.

What is Universities ?

In India every university has to be recognized by UGC. Without UGC Recognition University is FAKE in India. Universities can have their own college campus or other colleges can affiliate with UGC. Universities issues degrees after successful completion of course for the afflilated colleges.

What is Distance Education ?

Distance Education (DE) is an umbrella term which describes all the teaching learning arrangements in which the learner and the teacher are separated by space and time. In fact it is a mode of delivering education and instruction to learners who are not physically present in a traditional setting of a classroom.

Any Institutions provide Distance education also has to recognize by the Distance Education Bureau (DEB) a part of UGC.

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